Attorney Chris Carnohan:
     Experienced, Dedicated, Trusted

Chris Carnohan     My experience practicing law goes back over 35 years and includes representing clients in civil, probate, financial and criminal cases. Most of those years I have practiced as a sole practitioner, allowing me the maximum freedom to dedicate my knowledge, skills, and experience to clients I can identify with as human beings and toward whom I generally feel great empathy. My goal is to apply my decades of knowledge and courtroom experience to help my clients in tangible ways. My clients readily sense and understand how my experience and dedication to them and their causes works to their advantage. My special relationship with my clients engenders their trust in me that is my major incentive and reward, overall, in representing my clients as their experienced, dedicated, and trusted advocate.

     By appearing in courts throughout Texas over the decades, I have observed and dealt with many other attorneys and judges. The additional knowledge and insight I gained provides my clients and me more routes to a given goal. Often success follows knowing both what works… and what does not. As a matter of principle I strive to hold myself to the highest legal and ethical standards in everything I do as an officer of the Court while upholding my duty to maintain the integrity of our legal system. (By the way, the American legal system traces back to the old English common law. Later, under the U.S. Constitution, America developed the best legal system the world has ever seen. It is based on the rule of law, instead of special favors, class bias/prejudice, or corrupt deal-making.)

     To broaden my experience and develop more knowledge and skills to apply to benefit my clients, I became a Financial Adviser for Wells Fargo Advisers. By assisting my WFA financial clients with their business and personal finances, I gained special insights into the financial world, which I can often apply to issues facing my law office clients. Since I can do more for my clients as an attorney, that is my natural, professional preference. So I re-opened the Carnohan Law Offices, PLLC with one goal: to serve my clients and advocate for their legal issues.


Disclaimer:   No Attorney-Client Relationship is Created or Inferred by Use of this Website - Please do not use this website to submit confidential information about your legal matter to Carnohan Law Offices, PLLC. Use of this website does not create an attorney-client relationship. As a matter of policy, Chris Carnohan does not accept a new client without first investigating for possible conflicts of interests and obtaining a signed engagement letter.

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